Tame Impala brought it

tame-impalaOn Friday, September 2nd, I attended a Tame Impala concert at the Greek Theater at Berkeley. I’ll describe it in one word: magical. Tame Impala is a alternative rock band, with a sort of psychedelic vibe. They currently have three albums out, all of them, in my opinion, amazing. To preface, let me just say that I had been looking forward to this event for months.

Okay, let’s start from the beginning. Since I took BART to the concert. The walk up to the venue was tiring but beautiful. Once we got to the venue we were in shock. The venue was beautiful. It was amphitheater style so practically everyone in the place had a great view of the magic that was happening on stage.

Now on to the actual show. The band Unknown Mortal Orchestra opened. They put on a great show, especially for a opening act, complete with background singers, lights that changed with the sounds of the guitar, and a great set. The lead singer was also the lead guitarist. He did both flawlessly. The drummer, for a change, was a young girl, and was arguably the best part of the band. The only complaint I have about the opening act was that it was too long for an opening act.

Then Tame Impala came out. The crowd went crazy. Throughout the whole show, there were visuals being projected on to the wall behind the band – truly psychedelic visuals at that. The band itself was amazing. They sounded just like they did in studio versions of the songs. the confetti canons went off  four or five times. The lead singer, Kevin Parker, was bantering with the crowd in a way that was very unique. I had never heard banter that was so humble, talking about the confetti that was in his drink, bringing out a leaf blower for the confetti on the stage (which was hilarious).

The whole experience was truly amazing.