The Wonder that was Coldplay (Part 1)

Taken from Coldplay's Facebook page
Coldplay at Levi’s Stadium. Taken from Coldplay’s Facebook page

On Saturday, September 3rd, I attended a Coldplay concert at Levi’s Stadium. My god was it amazing. I had been wanting to see Coldplay in concert since I was 10 years old and it was really everything I had hoped it would be. My favorite part had to be the wristbands. When we entered the stadium, we were given this weird looking cloth wristbands. When Coldplay came on, all the wristbands in the stadium lit up in different colors during various songs. It really added to the whole colorful vibe that the band had going on.

So let’s start from the beginning. We were seated on the lowest level, excluding the floor seats. These tickets definitely emptied out my pockets, but, in my opinion, they were completely worth it. The stage was huge. Much bigger than at any other concert that I have attended. Then again, this concert was definitely the most expensive one I have attended, so I suppose that makes sense.

There were two opening acts. The first was Bishop Briggs. To be honest, I was not able to see her whole set because the line for food took a solid half hour, but what I was able to see, I thoroughly enjoyed. Her music style was alternative rock/R&B with some very strong vocals. She is extremely talented and captivated an audience that was not necessarily there to see her. Everyone around me was jamming out to her music, even if they had never heard it before. She definitely had a huge stage presence and a lot of energy for an opening act.

The second opening act was Alessia Cara, a 20 year-old girl from Canada. My friend and I were shocked to again see such a big voice come out of such a small girl. Her music style was a lot more R&B/pop than the previous act. Cara’s stage presence wasn’t really as big as Bishop Briggs, but she definitely caught the audience’s attention.

Stay tuned for Part 2!