The Wonder that was Coldplay (Part 2)

Finally, it was time for Coldplay to come out. While we waited, giant balloons seemed to appear out of nowhere. I’m talking so large that a whole person could definitely fit in one. The audience was so enamored with these balloons that we barely noticed how long it took for the band to come out, which I’m assuming was the point. Coldplay played a truly giant set. I definitely felt like I had gotten value for the money I paid. They sounded just like they do in the studio, which is always nice. They, especially the lead singer, Chris Martin, commanded a huge stage presence. And that banter, oh my god, was amazing.

coldplay2Besides the actual music that they played, which was undoubtedly amazing, the visuals, complete with lights and fireworks, that went along with the songs really added to my enjoyment of the event. As I mentioned before, everyone had gotten a wristband that lit up. Seeing a whole football stadium of lights is something truly amazing. I cannot emphasize enough how great all the visuals and colors were and the photo really does it no justice.

Overall, I had an amazing time at Coldplay and it was truly an experience I will never forget.