Finish Ticket on Conan

Finish Ticket, a local band from Alameda, performed on Conan on September 13th. They really started taking off when they opened for Twenty One Pilots on their Blurryface Tour. The band started when the members were still in high school and they are continuing to grow and are headlining a tour starting late September. They currently have three EPs, two self-released, and one after they were signed to Elektra Records, or Atlantic Records, and one full album, also released by Elektra. Their music could be categorized as alternative rock.

The band’s appearance on Conan was their first TV performance. They performed the song “Wrong” from their latest EP called When Night Becomes Day. The song has more of a rock feel than most of their other songs, making it a great choice for a show like Conan. It’s very catchy and stays in my head for days at a time. The band was able to show the energy that they have at their live shows very well. I could argue that all of the concerts that I have been to over the years, the Finish Ticket concerts that I have been to (five of them, to be exact) are the most fun.

I believe that this band will continue to grow because of the talent that these boys have, especially if they continue to perform on TV.