Troyboi at The Warfield

For the third time, in my whole life, I went to a rave this Saturday. The experience was interesting to say the least. I tend to stray away from raves just because I do not necessarily like electronic dance music (EDM) but I do occasionally enjoy trap music, which is the genre that Troyboi fits into, in my opinion. I did really enjoy the music itself even though I did not think I would. My favorite part, however, was the decorations… I am not sure what to call it, but the whole vibe of the tour is very pretty. 

The Mantra Tour
The Mantra Tour

The tour is called The Mantra Tour,  so there are a lot of Indian themed decorations, visuals, and costumes. I thought this theme went well with the actual vibe of the music. He is a DJ and a lot of times, during performances of DJs, it can get a bit boring because they are just behind a table pressing buttons. Troyboi, however, had dancers on stage with really intricate and beautiful costumes, which made the event a lot more interesting.

The crowd was very interesting – very intoxicated, which is, I guess, normal for an event like this. All in all, this was a truly interesting experience. I would say that having new experiences is always a good thing, and I can not say I did not have fun.