Needle to the Groove – Niles

Interior of store, Fremont, CA
Interior of store, Fremont, CA

Some may say that the sales of physical music are plummeting, and that may be so, but for many years now, I have loved collecting vinyl records and visiting stores do find great albums. There is nothing like physically going and looking at records in a store and finding an album you have been looking for. This feeling is completely unparalleled nowadays with the advent of digital music. Of course, having physical music is extremely convenient. Being able to listen to music whenever you want is nice, but it does not give me the same kind of feeling that listening to vinyl does.

I have a couple stores I love going to. The first is Needle to the Groove in the Niles district of Fremont. I like this place because it is covered in art. The store owner is always playing amazing music on his amazing sound system. I have found a couple of gems here, like a “Rarities of the Beatles” album. This place is great if you are into classic rock or soul music. I hae=ve never seen such a varied, yet vast collection.

Another perk of visiting Needle to the Groove in Fremont is the atmosphere. Niles Canyon is an amazing and quaint area that you could roam around for hours. Sometimes I feel like I am not even in Fremont anymore. I definitely recommend checking this place out!

Find out which other places I love visiting in my next post!