Half Price Books

While Needle to the Groove is a great record store, my favorite place to buy records has to be Half Price Books, which is a chain. The particular one I am talking about is in Fremont.There are not a lot of bookstores left, especially here in the Silicon Valley. This place sells and buys used books, CDs, and records. Some of the best records I have ever found were from here. My favorite thing about Half Price Books was that the records I buy from there are relatively cheap, if they were used – which if they are classic rock records, they were probably used.

I also really like the fact that, unlike Needle to the Groove, Half Price Books also carries newer records, so if I wanted to get a record of a current band, I will check this store first. I also like the fact that this store really homey. It makes you feel comfortable. The only thing is unlike Needle to the Groove, this collection is almost exclusively classic and alternative rock.

If you are looking to start off with collecting vinyl records, I recommend you check this place out!