The 1975 Performs at SJSU

the19752This Tuesday, October 18th I went to a 1975 concert at the event center at San Jose State. They are an angsty pop-rock band from England and have gained immense popularity in recent years. This concert was pretty great, although there were so many people in the crowd near the front. This really took away from the overall experience because it got really warm in the area and made it difficult for me to enjoy myself. My favorite part of the concert was the whole vibe of the band. I will explain that more in my next post, coming soon!

There was only one opening act, 070shake, who was great. She was a great opening act because she really got the crowd hyped up and excited. Her music was a little bit different from the main act’s. Her style was more R&B and hip-hop than rock, but she succeeded in getting the audience excited.

Then the band came out. You will hear more about that in my next post!