The 1975 Performs at SJSU (Part 2)

Found on The 1975's Facebook page
Found on The 1975’s Facebook page

So then, it was time for The 1975 to come out. The thing I have noticed with this band is the whole aesthetic of the band – the vibe that I mentioned in my last post – is what makes them so popular. I have seen posts about the band all over the internet showing pictures from their concerts, in a way that shows the genre of the band. I would classify their vibe as alternative and pastel, as you can see in the picture. The band’s genre, I would say, is alternative rock or pop rock, so I would definitely check them out if you like these genres!

The concert, though, was amazing. The only complaint that I had was no fault of their own. The crowd in the pit was really rowdy and it definitely took away from the experience of the concert. After we left the crowd, though, we were able to appreciate the music and the performance a lot more. The band was at their best the day of this concert. They played a lot of songs, and the lead singer even had a rant about the political situation we are in the middle of right now.

Overall, I think this concert was wonderful. The band played a great set of songs between their two albums and played a good mix of upbeat and slower songs. I had a really great time at this concert!


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