Update: NSSN 2016

About a week ago, I wrote a post about, what was then, the upcoming event, Not So Silent Night. I went last night to Night 1 and Night 2 is tonight. Yesterday, I remembered why I loved going to that event for so many years. I got to see six bands – of which I loved four of – for $80. I got to stand pretty much right in the front and have a great time listening to music that I love with my friends.

The night started off with The Strumbellas, a band I had never listened to before. Still, I enjoyed myself immensely. Their music is the type that makes you just feel happy inside, with a blend of folk and indie rock. Watching the six band members interacting on stage was pretty amazing. Next up were Capital Cities. I had seen them before at NSSN 2013, and they were a really big part of why I enjoyed myself so much. The same was true last night. Their energy on stage was really great, even though they did not have the chance to play a full set. Third up were Glass Animals, one of my favorite bands. I had already seen them in concert twice before, and they did not disappoint in the slightest. Concerts tend to rekindle my love for bands.

The next two bands were not as exciting for me, because I did not know their music very well to begin with, but I still enjoyed myself. Headlining was Blink-182. I was never really as into a lot of their music when I was younger, but as my music taste developed in middle school, I started listening to their music a lot and finally being able to see them live was a dream come true.

NSSN 2016 was a memorable experience and I will definitely be back next year.