Update: NSSN 2016

About a week ago, I wrote a post about, what was then, the upcoming event, Not So Silent Night. I went last night to Night 1 and Night 2 is tonight. Yesterday, I remembered why I loved going to that event for so many years. I got to see six bands – of which I loved four of – for $80. Continue reading


Not So Silent Night 2016

https://tinyurl.com/hlrket7, Live105's website
https://tinyurl.com/hlrket7, Live105’s website

Not So Silent Night, an annual two night concert feature some of the most popular alt-rock artists at Oracle Arena, is coming up in the next week. The show is hosted by Live105, a local alternative radio station. This year, the lineup is very exciting, especially for someone that listened to alt-rock music in the 2000’s. Continue reading

The 1975 Performs at SJSU (Part 2)

Found on The 1975's Facebook page https://tinyurl.com/zmbrtpn
Found on The 1975’s Facebook page

So then, it was time for The 1975 to come out. The thing I have noticed with this band is the whole aesthetic of the band – the vibe that I mentioned in my last post – is what makes them so popular. I have seen posts about the band all over the internet showing pictures from their concerts, in a way that shows the genre of the band. Continue reading

Troyboi at The Warfield

For the third time, in my whole life, I went to a rave this Saturday. The experience was interesting to say the least. I tend to stray away from raves just because I do not necessarily like electronic dance music (EDM) but I do occasionally enjoy trap music, which is the genre that Troyboi fits into, in my opinion. I did really enjoy the music itself even though I did not think I would. My favorite part, however, was the decorations… I am not sure what to call it, but the whole vibe of the tour is very pretty.  Continue reading