Needle to the Groove – San Jose

Interior of the store. Taken from store's Facebook page.
Interior of the store. Taken from store’s Facebook page.

So, getting back to local music stores – this location of Needle to the Groove is in Downtown San Jose and has a very different atmosphere from the Fremont/Niles location. This location is smaller, probably due to the fact that it is in a downtown area, but the employees of this location make you feel as welcome as the Fremont location. Continue reading


Half Price Books

While Needle to the Groove is a great record store, my favorite place to buy records has to be Half Price Books, which is a chain. The particular one I am talking about is in Fremont.There are not a lot of bookstores left, especially here in the Silicon Valley. This place sells and buys used books, CDs, and records. Some of the best records I have ever found were from here. Continue reading