The 1975 Performs at SJSU

the19752This Tuesday, October 18th I went to a 1975 concert at the event center at San Jose State. They are an angsty pop-rock band from England and have gained immense popularity in recent years. This concert was pretty great, although there were so many people in the crowd near the front. Continue reading


Other Places to Buy Vinyl

If Needle to the Groove or Half Price Books are not accessible to you, there are still plenty of ways to buy vinyl records. One of my favorites is Urban Outfitters. They carry new records and their collection is fairly vast and covers a multitude of genres, including hip-hop, rock, grunge, etc. Continue reading

Half Price Books

While Needle to the Groove is a great record store, my favorite place to buy records has to be Half Price Books, which is a chain. The particular one I am talking about is in Fremont.There are not a lot of bookstores left, especially here in the Silicon Valley. This place sells and buys used books, CDs, and records. Some of the best records I have ever found were from here. Continue reading

Troyboi at The Warfield

For the third time, in my whole life, I went to a rave this Saturday. The experience was interesting to say the least. I tend to stray away from raves just because I do not necessarily like electronic dance music (EDM) but I do occasionally enjoy trap music, which is the genre that Troyboi fits into, in my opinion. I did really enjoy the music itself even though I did not think I would. My favorite part, however, was the decorations… I am not sure what to call it, but the whole vibe of the tour is very pretty.  Continue reading